QFAB Partners can accesss high-performance virtual machines to run their jobs using a range of pre-compiled software.

The QFAB OpenStack cluster is composed of
•    1 High-memory compute node with 32 Xeon cores and 1TB RAM
•    10 compute nodes with 64 AMD cores, 256GB RAM

Each OpenStack host has access to 40TB of fast local disk shared between the hosted VMs.

Note that the standard VM is 16 cores and 32GB RAM, this is suitable for most tasks however some (such as genome assembly) require larger memory VMs.

Our preferred operating systems are 64-bit CentOS versions 6 and 7 however other flavours of 64-bit Linux may be offered.

The Environment Modules package may be used for the dynamic modification of a user’s environment.

Access to the OpenStack VMs is solely via SSH keys to ensure security of collaborator data.

Overall representation of the hardware architecture

LIEF H/W outline


Please contact QFAB to request a login or to discuss your requirements