Workflow engine of the Systems Biology Platform

Pipeline Pilot enables researchers to rapidly explore, visualize and report research results.  It aggregates and provides immediate access to the volumes of disparate research data locked in silos and automates the scientific analysis of that data. Collections are set of components grouped by category of science or function. Workflows for data retrieval, filtering, analysis, and reporting are developed by graphically combining components.

Key pros of Pipeline Pilot workflow environment:

  • Ease of reuse
  • Ease of customisation
  • Ease of integration
  • One single tool covering a wide range of domain
  • Versioning
  • Sharing
  • Interactivity
  • RAD
  • Web access to the compute resources


The QFAB perpetual server license give access to the following collections:

  • Gene Expression
  • Imaging and Advanced Imaging
  • Plate Analytics
  • Reporting
  • R-Statistics
  • Sequence Analysis
  • Text Analytics
  • Integration
  • Modeling and Advanced Modeling
  • Chemistry, Cheminformatics and ChemMining
  • Analytical Instrumentation Collection
  • Mass Spec

Information on the collections can be found at

Access to Pipeline Pilot

  • The professional client enables users to build and run pipelines
  • Pipelines can also be run using a web browser
  • Programmatic access to developed pipelines is available using SOAP web services

Accelrys Support

When sending an email message to Accelrys Customer Support, please indicate the license number at the top of your message.  The license number will also be asked If you when contacting the support via phone.

We are untitled to an unlimited number of support cases during the current term of maintenance and any applicable upgrades to currently licensed Software

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